Dup-A-Key Opens Second Locksmith Shop In Point Loma


Vince and Diego hanging the Dup-A-Key sign at the Point Loma Locksmith Shop

A friend stopped by my house in March, after the construction of the Point Loma locksmith shop was over.  We hadn’t seen each other since Halloween, but he had heard the new key shop deal in Point Loma had happened.  “So, how’d it go?”, he asked.
How’d it go? I thought for a moment. How’d it go? Could I describe it in words? One came to mind. Hurricane. It was like being spun around on a merry-go-round until your grasp fails. When your fingers slip, your’re violently thrown off;  tumbling across the ground. While lying there, you finally open your eyes. The sky is spinning above you, as you try to catch your breath. Your so tired from being spun around, and you can’t wait to go again.After a moment of reflection, I said, “Fine. It went fine.”

Yes, it went ‘fine’, but ‘fine’ doesn’t really say it.  Let’s start from the beginning.

The Dup-A-Key Point Loma Locksmith Shop Build 2016- Press here