Locksmiths at Dup-A-Key Open Second Locksmith Shop In Point Loma – Part I


A friend stopped by my house in March, after the construction of the Point Loma locksmith shop was over.  We hadn’t seen each other since Halloween, but he had heard the new key shop deal in Point Loma happened.  “So, how’d it go?”, he asked.

How’d it go? I thought for a moment. How’d it go. Could I describe it in words? One came to mind. Hurricane. It was like being spun around on a merry-go-round until your grasp fails. When your fingers slip, your’re violently thrown off;  tumbling across the ground. While lying there, you finally open your eyes. The sky is spinning above you, as you try to catch your breath. Your so tired from being spun around, and you can’t wait to go again.  After a moment of reflection, I said, “Fine. It went fine.”

Yes, it went ‘fine’, but ‘fine’ doesn’t really say it.  Let’s start from the beginning.

When the summer beach locksmith calls wind down, we start looking at our power tools. We start thinking about what we can build with them. The slow season is like cabin fever for us. If we don’t start a new locksmith project, we will tear ourselves apart. Without purpose, I start pacing and yelling at the TV. Weston wanders.

new-makita-redWhat should we build? Last year was the Eco Trike. That was a blast but not really a full blown project. It was more like pimping a ride out. We needed something bigger. Something to test our mettle. We wanted another key shop and we knew we wanted it in Point Loma. It had the most boats. We love boats.

So we start looking around, scouting the city streets, looking at spots, looking for open angles, searching for a good run. RECON! We call it RECON. It sounds cooler.  Driving around, looking at traffic centers, ebb and flow. Looking at property. Always asking the neighbors what’s up. They are usually quite candid. It has saved us many scalpings, at the hands of shady property management agents. Ask them about a lease hike. I’ve seen many businesses scramble after the lease runs out and the landlord jacks the rent. A shady practice we’ve witnessed up and down Garnet Avenue. There were some stinkers out there.

point-loma-locksmith-vince-armpoint-loma-locksmith-vince-pose point-loma-locksmith-vince-back-room
Then we found it. To point-loma-locksmith-vince-smilebe fair, Weston found it. He was looking at another unit on the property and the property owner said that he didn’t think the spot would work. There was a therapist  down the hall and the sounds of the key machines would disturb her business. Then he says he might have a better spot. He sure did. The front space looked like the right size and the backroom was perfect for a desk, a couch and some storage. We knew when we saw it that we wanted it.

We are digging all the succulents. The sun doesn’t crush us and the plant life is very entertaining. These shots were taken right after Wes taped down the rosin paper and stripped the outlet covers.

With our target acquired, we started to prep for the build. Now we were really riled up. We have to build this Point Loma key shop and it has to be online before next summer. While building it, we have to run the locksmith shop that we had already built in Pacific Beach. The winds of change start to spin around us in circles; the beginning of the hurricane that’s sure to come. Purpose. What a rush.

point-loma-locksmith-door-removedWe had to get rid of this adjoining door in the front room. So, first Weston ripped out the door and all the drywall, and then put a support through the old entryway.

sound-board-half-with-insulation Then we had to put up the insulation. It took very little time at all to realize that the neighbors could hear us bad mouthing them through the wall, so we put up soundboard after the insulation.  After tsound-board-done-with-ladderhe sound board was up, it was time for a short jam session and then, hang the drywall. The wall looks great and the neighbors seem pretty stoked; not having to listening to everything we say, play, and do. Everyone needs their own space. drywall in wallpony-wall-2 After the wall was blocked off, it was time to build the pony wall. We needed to define our workspace while keeping the room open. The pony wall would have a plexiglass partition on the top of it to keep the key dust  contained and give the techs room to work.point-loma-locksmith-shop-paint-rosinNext came the paint job and trim. First, we painted everything white. painted-point-loma-locksmith-stationThen we started in on the trim for the displayboards and walls. This took a while. We needed at least two coats of paint for it to really pop.
point-loma-key-vince-bottom-side Here I am protecting my lovely locks from the red paint. People have asked how I keep my Shirley Temple curls looking so fabulous. The secret. Biolage, people. It’s the bomb. If it frizzes, I use Mixed Chicks to tame it. Not a Wen fan. Not a fan of blow drying. Love the Wet Brush. Just saying.point-loma-key-display-boards-red-trim-drying

point-loma-weston-paint-reflections This is when the real burn comes. We’re managing the PB key shop and moonlighting at the Point Loma build. Weston is the daily driving force on the build. I am mostly minding the Pacific Beach store and managing the road calls; then jumping in when it slows down. Weston is a trooper and even though it’s a grind, he still has a smile for the camera.  point-loma-weston-paint-good-effortThe lighting turned out well and lit the display boards perfectly.point-loma-key-track-lightingWhy join the Navy, if you can be a pirate? – Steve Jobs  Aargh!vince-red-trim-paint-brush

The display boards are done and look great. Weston has really outdone himself this time. He tore through this locksmith build and since we used our own elbow grease, kept us well under budget. We look pretty haggard. It’s not over yet. Not even half over.  Keep going. If it wasn’t hard, it wouldn’t be worth it.point-loma-key-dup-boys-selfie-onStay tuned for the rest of the Point Loma locksmith build. We are excited about our new Dup-A-Key Point Loma key shop and can’t wait for summer to heat up. We can put the shop through it’s paces and get back to running and gunning beach locksmith calls.