Locksmiths at Dup-A-Key Open Second Locksmith Shop In Point Loma – Part III

Locksmith Shop Shelves Ready For Install

Weston has built the shelves and the key dust partition for the Point Loma Locksmith Shop in his garage. Weston is a wood working wonder. All the shelving  turned out really nice, and it’s time to install at the Point Loma locksmith shop. Load ’em up! Move ’em out!


The Dupe Boys Nevada Truck

We are all loaded up and ready to go. Wait. Weston forgot something.wes-load-shelving-ford-point-loma-locksmith-0-webwes-load-shelving-ford-point-loma-locksmith-2-webwes-load-shelving-ford-point-loma-locksmith-3-web
This is our “Nevada truck”. It’s a ’91 Ford F150 4WD Custom short bed, with a 5.0L. This engine is nearly identical to the 302 used in the Ford Mustang. With EFI (electronic fuel injection), that’s 185 ponies. With the new exhaust system, it purrs, while idling. Mash the gas pedal, and it growls like a riled up old grizzly bear. A Nevada truck is really good at driving washboard roads, and jumping small sand piles. It has the bench seat, so your girl can sit right next to you. The wing windows are clutch for directed ventilation and the large side mirror mounts make excellent rifle rests. Where we’re from, near Reno, this truck is standard issue. You can take the Dupe Boys out of Nevada, but… wes-load-shelving-ford-point-loma-locksmith-4-web

After the shelves were installed, Weston was doing some really great hand modeling. Good form. We are ready to stack up different things.


Mahogany Countertops and Acrylic

countertop-african-mahogany-webHere is the African Mahogany we selected for the locksmith shop countertop and acrylic partition. Every time we reached for the large middle board to flip it over, a sales associate would direct us to the existence of the eight foot boards behind us. After multiple attempts, we finally got the board flipped; exposing this beautiful jewel. I think they were saving it for themselves. Soo pretty.

Weston cut the mahogany, and made the countertop and frame for the partion. He polished them up and the wood grain is so sweet. countertop-close-up--point-loma-locksmith

When he shows them to me, he starts going on about how it didn’t turn out how he thought, and it’s not lined up perfectly, and I’m like, “Shut up, dude. It looks amazing.”  Give me a break, craftsman. Weston can craft some wood. He likes to work a good hardwood. The harder, the better.


Weston is trying out different levels of happiness. Happy. Happier. Good. Now, show me ‘pouty face’.  Weston freaks out and starts yelling,”No more pictures! No more pictures!” He’s waving the drill around and pointing it at people. “Back it up! Back off!” Chill.  Photo fatigue is real.


The acrylic is placed in the  frame and the protective film can be removed. When cleaning acrylic, always remember, absolutely NO Windex. The ammonia will eat through the surface of the acrylic. Just a little dish soap.


When we first envisioned this partition, we thought we were going to have to glue two seperate acrylic panels together at the corner using the magic of capillary action. While placing our order with the plastic lady, she said we can get one piece, folded 90 degrees at the corner. Yes, please.


Wow, Weston. It sure looks great. One last thing. Register cord hole.


Locksmith Speech Inspires Crowd

With the register plugged in, the locksmith shop build is complete. Weston mounts the pony wall to give the commencement speech. He talks about himself, greatness, crushing it during the locksmith shop build, and slaying fat blue fin tuna this summer. It was very inspirational. After the speech, he jumps off the pony wall, rocking air guitar while making guitar sounds and head banging. Everyone is cheering and jumping up and down. It felt like the intro to Enter Sandman. In a large voice he proclaims, “Let’s cut some keys!” Then he shreds more air guitar and we all join in, with more air guitar and some head banging. It was epic.



If you need locksmith service or key duplication, give Dup-A-Key a call at 619-738-8161. Our Point Loma locksmith shop is located at 3675 Voltaire Street on  the corner of Poinsettia, across from the public library. We’ll see you there!