Locksmiths at Dup-A-Key Open Second Locksmith Shop In Point Loma – Part II


The paint job is winding down and we are glad it is almost over. The trim turned out nicely and and we can now focus our attention on the final sections of the installation. vince-shaking-paint2

I forgot my work shoes and refused to get my Adidas messed up. I’m weird about shoes. I also don’t like wearing one brand of socks with a different brand of shoe. Cross branding is wrong.  Unless it’s Puma, or some other lame brand no one cares about.

These vents had to be sanded down pretty far. Some yahoo decided to use a paint brush on them and the paint drips were hideous. We sanded them down to the metal and spray painted them, like a normal person would.

point-loma-key-vent-return point-loma-key-air-vents

The security screens for the windows and doors were next.

If someone would have quoted over a thousand dollars for these screens I would have laughed out loud… until we built them. They were very labor intensive. I sunburned my leg arc welding in shorts. Tip of the day. Don’t arc weld in shorts. Then we sanded them down for paint. weston-sanding-security-screens screen-cleanup-preppoint-loma-key-weston-painting-screen-behind-piratepoint-loma-key-weston-painting-screen-behind-monkeypoint-loma-key-weston-painting-screen-behind

Weston hung the screens in his garage to spray them. He put plastic wrap around the walls. It looked like a scene from the show Dexter. Creepy.weston-securing-screensweston-securing-screens-corner-frontInstalling custom screens from scratch is a long, tedious process, and I would not wish this fresh hell on anyone. There are people set up to do these. My recommendation is, pay them what they want, and move on.

Next, came the pegboards. We used to use the grey pegboard that you could only get at Lowes, but it has been discontinued, and the interweb wants too much money for them. Natural looks good and the paint won’t scrape off of them like the gray ones.

weston-pegboard-drillweston-rag-pegboarddiego-drilling-pegboard-lookingdiego-drilling-pegboarddiego-smiles-pegboardWith the first part of the pegboard up, we start hanging keys. Well, Diego the Rook, hung keys. Get to work, Rook. Even though the Rook doesn’t know a damn thing, Diego has been a big help. Attitude is everything. PMA, all day!


wes-gives-vince-a thumbs-up-on-signs

We moved on to the signs after the screens were completed. Here’s Weston giving me the ‘thumbs up’ as we hang signs. Thanks, Wes. The sign install went pretty well. The key to sign installation is measure once, and then again, and one more time. Get it wrong and it’s a three vince-measuring-signshundred dollar mistake, or it looks like hell. We got the plastic from ePlastics aka Ridout. They’ll cut straight lines to whatever you want, but if you want curved lines, it was kind of pricey. It’s just a plotter with a high speed cutter attached to the arm. I don’t have one. Pay the man. vince-hanging-locks-sign-wes-watching

We took the acrylic to a sign guy and he used his super expensive plotter with a blade attached to the arm to cut out the lettering and designs.  I have learned from past mishaps to let them apply the vinyl to the acrylic. It looks better. If it doesn’t, it’s their mistake, and you don’t get charged for the extra vinyl. Plus the frustration, the cussing, and the driving back and forth. Believe me. It’s worth it.

locksmith-workbench-install-point-lomaweston-sweeping-after-key-signsvince-drilling-large-locksmith-shop-signvince-drilling-large-locksmith-sign-squareHey, it’s starting to look like something in here. Time for the locksmith sign on the storefront. It is super important to apply blue tape where you’re going to drill your holes. If you don’t, there is a good chance you will chip your sign, and it looks like crap. You also want to make sure your drill bits are super sharp and start off small and work your way up to the correct diameter. If it chips, no one will probably see it, or it won’t be that noticeable.  You’ll know. You’ll have to walk by it every day at work and look at it. Annoying.

Here’s me and Diego hanging the sign. He wanted to do it, but I vince-and-diego-hanging-locksmith-shop-sign-1000told him if I messed it up, he wouldn’t get yelled at. Then he called me a drill driver hog, and I made him hold the screws.

We are excited about our new Dup-A-Key Point Loma Locksmith Shop and can’t wait for summer to heat up, so we can put it through its paces.

Not before we hit the ocean. The blue fin are hitting right now,  we need to get some time in. Fish on.


Part III, the final chapter of the Point Loma Locksmith Shop Build 2016 is coming soon. Stay tuned.